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Memories of a Butterfly – design in beads


Specializes in creating High-end Customized Bead Curtains & Screens.

….in a flexible, modern, dynamic and more eclectic avatar. All the designs are hand made and every piece is customized so as to suite the clients’ design and functional needs.

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What we love about beaded curtains is that they not only allow for a play with color, light and texture, but also enable us to create natural connectors between spaces. They have the ability to create privacy without disconnecting an area from the rest of the house, office, bar or restaurant.

Bead curtain Pomegranate Gold
Bead Curtain : Pomegranate Gold

We use a variety of high-end, high-quality Materials in our curtains – Pure Glass, Crystal, Australian Shell, Bone, Treated PVC, Stained or Sprayed Acrylic, Acrylic Crystal and Wood, to name a few. Some of our designs are ‘Bold Polka’, ‘Gold Basket’, ‘Traditional Aztek’, ‘Descending Amber’, ‘Pomegranate Gold’, ‘Pink Bone Disc’, ‘PinkonPink’, ‘Leaf’ and ‘Chandelier Decor’.

Every space needs to be tackled with its own distinct design requirements which is why we believe in customizing every piece in our work with architects, interior designers, hotels, restaurateurs, builders and individual home owners.